Welcome to Nara Nomad

The Nara Nomad experience is for a discerning guest who desires adventure and discovery, in the unique, luxury Nara way.
Nara Nomad Bespoke
BespokeFrom AED 3500 per car (4 guests per car)
Our tour concierge will curate a unique tour, as per your personal interests and wishes.
Nara Nomad Bespoke
The ArtistFrom AED 2500 per car (4 guests per car)
Visit the most interesting art galleries that offer middle eastern, international, and heritage art. Take a tour of the most stunning architectural sites in the city.
Nara Nomad Bespoke
The FashionistaFrom AED 2500 per car (4 guests per car)
If you are a lover of all things fashion this is the experience for you. Be introduced to local designers, discover the off-beat stores and the UAE fashion scene that is not in the malls.
Nara Nomad Bespoke
The OriginsFrom AED 2500 per car (4 guests per car)
A historical journey through the amazing city of Dubai, discover the authentic sites that juxtapose the modern and understand the vision that created this vibrant metropolis.
Nara Nomad Bespoke
The FoodieFrom AED 2500 per car (4 guests per car)
For the gourmands, a culinary tour of the city to sample both local and international delicacies and artisanal food creators.