terms & conditions

All Terms and Conditions apply without exclusion, once you have purchased an event for yourself and/or your companions (herein referred to as you), provided by Nara and/or its subcontractors including but not limited to, transport companies and catering providers.

(all of the above herein referred to as Nara, we, us, and our.)

The Event referred to herein is the duration between when you and/or your companions are picked up from an agreed location and dropped off to an agreed location after the event.

Food and Beverage Consumption

  • All Food and Beverages are halal as per UAE law for food-establishments. No pork or alcohol will be included in our catering services. Should you and/or your companions bring alcohol to the event, its transportation to the event and its consumption during the event will be at your own risk and responsibility. Nara should in NO WAY be held responsible for the consequences of transporting and consuming alcohol during the entire event, from pick-up until drop-off.
  • When you choose to be catered for by a third party, we play no role in procuring ingredients or preparing the food/beverages served during event. Hence, we are unable to take any responsibility for any sickness, illness or injury caused to you or your companions as a result of consuming their food and beverages within.
  • For any event, which involves procuring ingredients from the market and cooking them for a meal, the guest agrees to take FULL and UNCONDITIONAL liability of the foods consumed and will not hold us or any of our third party vendors/contractors responsible.

Dietary Restrictions, Allergies and Medical Conditions

  • You are required to let us know of any (a) dietary restrictions, (b) allergies and (c) other medical conditions at the time of booking your event.
  • While there is no guarantee of our being able to accommodate any dietary restrictions, we will do our level best to do so.
  • In the case of dietary restrictions or allergies, it is imperative that you remind us of the allergy before consuming any food/beverage during the event, so that we can verify with the caterer regarding the ingredients.
  • While we will do our level best to see that allergies that have been communicated to us are well taken care of, we cannot take any responsibility for any incidents resulting due to allergies caused to you as a result of food or beverage consumption from third party establishments during the event.
  • In the case of any extreme allergies or medical conditions, we reserve the right to request you to not attend the event and/or request you to bring your own food in the case we cannot accommodate your restrictions.

Event Participation

  • You understand and confirm that your participation in the event is completely voluntary.
  • If you are between below18 years, a guardian accompanies you.
  • You take responsibility for ensuring that you are mentally and physically capable of participating in the event.
  • You agree to comply with the instructions in English of the event manager(s).
  • If in the opinion of the event manager(s), your behavior or physical condition is detrimental to the safety, welfare and well-being of the group as a whole, or if we consider that your general well-being will be put at risk by continuing with the event, you may be asked not to participate in the event without the right to any refund of the price.
  • You fully comprehend and accept all of the risks associated with your participation in the event including, without limitation, injury or death resulting from exposure to unfavorable weather conditions, food sickness, allergic reactions, choking, and injuries arising from self-inflicted accidents or mishaps, other participants, motor vehicles, and pedestrians. You understand that the trails take place in public venues under conditions largely beyond our control.

Event Participant Conduct

  • At all times during the event, you are expected to have consideration for your fellow event participants and other third parties.
  • For the benefit of everyone, we reserve the right to remove any participant whose conduct is deemed to pose a risk or nuisance to others. We will not refund or cover any cost or expenses incurred due to unacceptable behavior.

Medical Treatment

  • You authorize Nara to provide to you, through medical personnel of its choice, customary medical assistance, transportation, and emergency medical services. This consent does not impose a duty upon Nara to provide such assistance, transportation, or services.

Transportation, Children & Pregnancy

  • Depending on age, children may be required to be seated in booster seats or other child safety accredited seating. Nara will do its best efforts to provide such seating. However, in case of unavailability, Nara reserves the right to not accept children due to safety concerns.
  • Pregnant guests within their third trimester will not be accepted due to health concerns.
  • Vehicles may be equipped with dashcam technology that records high-definition sound and video. Footage may be used for legal, insurance and training purposes and may be used to verify performance related questions, queries or concerns.
  • Any guests with mobility concerns will need to inform us at the time of booking so we can advise if we can accommodate your booking and make any necessary arrangements. Depending on the nature of the disability, a private vehicle booking may be required. The company reserves the right not to accept guests that have a disability on tours due to safety concerns.

Ticket Booking and Payment

  • Prices quoted are in AED (UAE dirhams), unless stated otherwise.
  • An advance payment must be made at the time of booking via our payment instructions. Only bookings with complete payments will receive a confirmation.
  • If there is any remaining payment, it will be collected in cash (UAE Dirhams) by a Nara representative.

Event Price

  • The event price does include all Food and non-alcoholic Beverages, all the activities, entertainment and accommodation that has been requested by you and quoted by Nara.
  • The event price may or may not include any transport to the event location or from the event location, as explicitly stated at the time of your booking.


  • Should you, for any reason, no longer be able to attend the event after having received a confirmation of a paid booking, you are required to contact us immediately.
  • You agree to the refund policy noted on the quotation and confirmation of the event details sent to you by emails.

Cancellations on Behalf of Nara

  • We expressly reserve the right to cancel an event at any time, in the case of unforeseen circumstances, even though this situation is highly unlikely to arise.
  • In a situation where we have cancelled the event at our end, we will fully refund all bookings for that day OR reschedule the event to another date of your preference. You will have complete discretion in determining whether to obtain a refund or reschedule your event.

Desert Experiences

  • You agree to take full risk and responsibility associated with participating in our desert experiences. We would be unable to assume liability caused to yourself and any companions on your experience booking for accidents, delays, injuries, loss or damage caused on our desert experience. This includes:
    • The transport through our subcontractors or 3rd party vendors between the meeting/finishing point and the desert, as well as during the desert experience.
    • All activities conducted in the desert.
    • All food and beverage supplied by 3rd party vendors, which are consumed on such desert experiences.

Equipment on Site

  • Any equipment that is damaged in any form or lost by you will incur a charge of at least AED 200.00 or more in cash, depending on the situation assessed by your event manager(s). This charge will be payable immediately.

Personal Belongings

  • You are wholly responsible for your own personal belongings throughout the event. We are unable to claim responsibility for any belonging that may have been lost, stolen or damaged by a third party during the event.

Release of Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Nara accept no responsibility for any damage, loss, accident, sickness, injury or death that you or anyone else may suffer or incur arising out of the event and/or in connection with your booking with us. You are advised to have comprehensive travel and health insurance. All personal effects are at your sole risk at all times during the event. By purchasing your event, you and/or your companions affirm that you have all fully understood and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with your booking with Nara shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of UAE.