The Nara Blog

  • What Do You Know About the Majestic Falcon?

    Here at Sonara Camp we tell you all about the wonderous national bird of the UAE. We have our very own falconer Muhammed Ameen from Royal Shaheen who visits daily to share with our guests his prized falcon and educate about the species.

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  • Cool Foods & Calm Moods at Sonara Camp

    We break down the health benefits for one of our favourite summer starters. We are so lucky to have such a talented culinary team at Sonara Camp led by Chef Franck who continuously works to create the most innovative dishes fusing Mediterranean and Arabic flavours.

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  • Come and Join Us and Escape The City Heat

    Who said summer in the UAE was too hot for the outdoors? Dubai may be heating up this summer but outside of the city and after sunset, Sonara Camp is home to a cooler oasis out in the picturesque desert.

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