Come and Join Us and Escape The City Heat

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Dubai may be heating up this summer but outside of the city and after sunset, Sonara Camp is home to a cooler oasis out in the picturesque desert.  You may believe that the Dubai desert would be even hotter than the city during the summer months however what you may not know is that it is in fact cooler in the desert!

About two hours before the Arabian sun sets over the dunes of Sonara, the temperature in the desert begins to pleasantly cool down by as much as 10 degrees which is mainly due to the sand.  As the sand is so dry it becomes a welcome break from the humidity of the city, at night the sun no longer heats the desert and the heat from the day doesn’t stay trapped.

You are able to come and enjoy the outdoors and nature within the cooler unspoilt desert surroundings whilst enjoying our fresh culinary experience and a host of renowned entertainment.  During June we will be welcoming you every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and in July every Friday and Saturday.

Our incredible Chef Frank has put together a summer menu that includes an ice-cold watermelon, fresh ginger, mint and Granny Smith Apple starter as well as a vibrant multicolour tomato ceviche, garlic croutons and fresh basil dish followed by fresh local inspired main courses of Perch slow cooked in Syrian virgin olive oil, fresh tomatoes, Taggiasche olives, and chili flakes and a Black angus strip loin on the grill with fresh arugula pesto.

Don’t forget we are also licensed so a crisp glass of wine or cocktail or two to cool you down can also be enjoyed.

Prices during June and July are AED690 per person and AED280 for children.  For further details on packages and to make a reservation please contact or +971 50 336 7909.

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