Influencer’s Favorite Desert Trip Destination

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Looking to find the most stunning “instragrammable” spot in Dubai? It comes to no surprise
that Sonara is the ultimate scenic desert safari!

Whether you are travelling from abroad or on the hunt for hidden gems in Dubai, Sonara
promises for a camera roll full of stunning captured moments. A desert chic atmosphere with
everything ranging from Bedouin styled tepees, grand shimmering light domes, mesmerizing
performances and desert activities, the camp will have your followers craving for more.

With a perfect light casting the softest glow and with a truly magical feel, Sonara camp
promises for the most flawless Insta shot. Whether your specialty or niche is within
photography, lifestyle, travel, luxury, food, wellness or entertainment, the desert camp curates
the most idyllic setting for out of the ordinary content.

Surprise your followers at Sonara with a unique and magical desert experience, away from the
urban hubbub of Dubai city!

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