The rise of ecotourism in desert safaris

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We have a strong belief in sourcing ethical, sustainable, handmade fair-trade furniture and decoration. Our menus are created around locally sourced produce.

The team at Sonara desert camp Dubai believes that ecotourism holds paramount importance in fostering sustainable and responsible travel practices that prioritize environmental conservation, community engagement, and cultural preservation.

Throughout the Nara Desert Escape venues- whether Sonara and the Nest by Sonara sharing camps or Nara Escape and Oasis private camps, the company ethos is to ensure the minimisation of its ecological footprint. This is achieved by promoting low-impact activities, respect for natural habitats, and conservation efforts.

Beyond its ecological benefits, ecotourism often directly supports local communities, contributing to their economic development and providing incentives for the preservation of natural resources.

Nara Desert Escape employs several initiatives to ensure sustainability on the camps:
Camps are installed with solar panels which enables to generate 100% renewable energy to save power through self-consumption. By using solar energy, we are committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions every year.

We ensure zero waste approach in all our areas which protects the health of communities by reducing pollution in the air, water and soil by keeping toxics and waste out of landfills and incinerators. We follow zero plastic usage policy when it comes to cutlery, crockery, spoons and cups and recycle the water used on the camp.